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  • What memories would you put in your pensive?
    I'd put in the service trips I went on with my Youth Group, because I've never felt so alive and powerful and important. And I've never felt so connected with a group of people. I'd put in all of my days with my first boyfriend, because everyone should remember all those first memories, and I'd put in all my adventures. I'd put in when I got my first acceptance letter to college, and I'd put in every time I've ever been on a stage.

  • What memory would you visit the most often?
    The college acceptance one. Never have I felt so AWESOME as when I opened that letter and saw the YES COME HERE PLS WE LOVE YOU. (Verbatim.) And the enormous scholarship. I love love love school, but high school has always been more about passing tests than actually gaining any knowledge, and so it was such a high to get to see into my future a little bit.

  • What do you wish to accomplish in life?
    I want to study Wildlife Conservation and do research and protection in Madagascar. Madagascar is home to thousands of unique species that can be nowhere else on the planet, and it's quickly running out of room. I love animals and knowing all about them, and I intend to make it my life's work to save them, but also I love traveling and seeing new places and people!

  • Where do you see yourself in ten years?
    Well, Madagascar. But I also hope to be involved in a project toward creating green cities, or some other way of reducing energy use in the United States. It's really important to me that we use our knowledge and creativity to save our beautiful planet. But I also hope to see myself with a really hot, passionate, intelligent guy on my arm!

  • What do you see when you look at yourself in the Mirror of Erised?
    I see myself standing alone, but surrounded by animals that I've helped or healed. I'm wearing college graduation robes, and I'm standing on a mountain I've just climbed. I like to conquer things! Honestly, my desires are mostly clouded by PANIC over choosing a college right now, but the basics are there.


  • Do you consider yourself a leader or follower?
    Definitely a leader. I feel most comfortable when I get to make the decisions, and when I'm in charge. I don't function well under someone else's authority, and I have a lot of creativity that I don't like having stifled. I also have a naturally strong personality that can be abrasive to other leaders, but works great for getting people to do what I say!

  • What would you do if you had a time turner?
    Not use it. I don't believe in regretting mistakes, so what could I ever want to change? Maybe things have gone wrong in my life, but I still got somewhere. The most I would consider doing is watching something historical, like life in Ancient Egypt or India. I've always been really interested in Ancient culture and religion, and those two both loved animals!

  • What do you think your top 5 positive characteristics are?
    I'm lazy, so I jacked this one from my other applications. Sorry!

    01. I'm independent, because I like to get things done, and do it myself. I don't like to ask for help, and I like being able to say that I did it on my own. When I was applying to college, my mother fairly begged me to talk with her about her college choices, but I was researching and deciding on my own. I came up with a list and showed it to her, and she couldn't deny that every school on the list was great for me.

    02. I'm confident, definitely. I'm the girl that will ask a guy on a date, because if he says no, I can just ask somebody else, so why not take the chance? I make new friends easily because I'll talk first, no problem. I'm aware of myself and happy with what I've got, and so I'm not shy at all.

    03. I'm enthusiastic about everything! I love what I do- theater, singing, frisbee- and I'm not afraid to show it. Modern high school kids seem to think that being cool and laid-back is best, and anything else gets you called "hype," but I don't care. My friends and I have more fun because we actually enjoy what we're doing and we show it. I'll high-five someone after a really excellent bowling game, I'll jump around when my best friend gets into college, and I'll throw on school colors for spirit week.

    04. I'm adventurous. I never, ever say no to a challenge, or to a dare! I'm always the first one to take the risk. To give you an example, I have a pretty intense fear of large bodies of water, but I rafted down the New River- the second oldest river in the world!- in the middle of a lightening storm, and then I jumped off a twenty-foot rock into the raging water. Nothing's going to stop me just because I'm afraid, or someone says it's too dangerous.

    05. I'm intelligent, although my penchant for adventure might make it seem like I'm not. I love to read, especially classic literature, and I love to have in-depth discussions about history and theater and current events. I'm applying to the top schools for Environmental Science, and I take pride in my academic accomplishments. You should see my fridge!

  • What do you think your top 5 negative characteristics are?

    01. To start with, I think I'm vain. I spend a lot of time talking about myself, or thinking about myself, and then wondering if I think about myself too much. Maybe everyone is, but it's something I've been working on. That whole confident thing might become cocky pretty easily.

    02. As a leader, I'm not the most empathetic person in the group. I'm a good leader because I take the group as a whole, but I'm not great at the individual care thing. I think it stems from being independent, but when someone comes to me with their problems, I do my best to listen, but I never know what to say, and I definitely never ask the right questions.

    03. I have a temper. It's hard to get me angry, but when someone does, it's like something snapped. Things spill out of my mouth that are vicious and, once or twice, cruel, and later I feel like a complete jerk, but that's how it is. Plus, I get really riled up when I see someone ignoring a common courtesy or not taking something important to me seriously.

    04. I come from a very elitist family. Our conversations usually have to do with having out-read someone else, or having better knowledge of history, or something equally ridiculous. We're all painfully aware of our own intelligence. So I'm afraid that I can tend to exhibit some of those characteristics, and be a show-off.

    05. Finally, I cannot ask for help. I get wildly frustrated with things and it drives me crazy, but I'm too proud to actually stoop to asking for help. So there you go, I suppose. My pride is my fifth worst characteristic, because I'm unable to accept the aid of others. It's like a needy person who won't accept charity, only in my case, I should probably just swallow my pride and do it.


  • Who would you be friends with at Hogwarts?
    I've always really liked Seamus, because he seemed genuine and funny and kind of goofy, without feeling the need to steal everybody's spotlight. The twins, definitely, because I identify with them the most. They're really intelligent, but mainly use it to be funny and charming and kind of dangerous. I also really like the girls on the quidditch team Harry's first year, Alicia and Angelina and Katie Bell. They seem upbeat and spunky, which I love in a girl friend.

  • Taking into consideration that the wizard chooses his or her Patronus, what would yours be?
    I think a polar bear. I'm definitely a big personality, and I identify a lot with polar bears. They playful and silly, but I would also feel very protected by it's size and power. Plus, because they're endangered, it would be a constant reminder for me to be conscientious.

  • Have you read all of the Harry Potter books? If yes, which one did you enjoy the most? If not, which one is your favourite so far?
    Yes! My favorite was the fourth book. I like how it strayed from her usual formula, and I liked the involvement of foreign schools and wizards. I thought it added depth to the world she created, and I thought the action moved really well. Plus, I think she finally started to commit to the violence she had to write to make the war happen, and it was a different level of writing from before. Definitely a favorite!

  • Choose a quote from any of the Harry Potter books and make sure to cite who said it. Explain why this quote is your favourite.
    Fred and George, however, found all this very funny. They went out of their way to march ahead of Harry down the corridors, shouting, 'Make way for the heir of Slytherin, seriously evil wizard coming through …'
    Percy was deeply disapproving of this behaviour.
    'It is not a laughing matter,' he said coldly.
    'Oh, get out of the way, Percy,' said Fred, 'Harry's in a hurry.'
    'Yeah, he's nipping off to the Chamber of Secrets for a cup of tea with his fanged servant,' said George, chortling.

    Fred and George are my favorite characters, and this is so quintessentially them. They make a joke out of everything, which I appreciate because I've always felt like everything SHOULD be a joke- why dwell? You can't change it! The best way to make me stop feeling miserable is to make me laugh, and there's nothing I like better. They're incorrigible, and I love it.

  • Name: Anna
  • Age: 17
  • How did you find Revelio? justanerdyangel!
  • What made you first start reading the Harry Potter series? When they first came out! I was in second grade, and been reading them ever since.
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